I. Virturo (Virtual Image):

A. Can I keep my image private?

Answer: Yes , you can define Private/Public profile. In addition, you can determine on my images for each virtual image if you want to keep it Private or to publish at  the Public gallery.

B. Can I post  virtual image on Social media?

Answer: Yes, you can post a link of your virtual image/animation at various social medias that are specified after hitting the share button.

C. Can I delete virtual images?

Answer: Yes. Please note that this action is irreversible. It is highly recommended to change its status to private instead deletion.

D. How do I keep my Virtual images beyond the first year?

Answer: Subscriber can download at any time images. Customer is granted with one year licensing since his last purchase (of virtual image or higher value) or by extending membership.

II. Login/Registration 

A. How do I recover my password?

Answer:  click on forgot my password, type your email or phone number and we will send the instructions. If you did not receive a message please check your spam inbox. If it did not work please contact Costumer support at  .

B. Do I have to register?

Answer: Yes. In order to be able to access your images you have to register to  .

III. Animation:

A. Is it possible to animate an existing Virtual image?

Answer: Only images that were preordered for animation can be animated. 

B. It is possible to use the same scanned image for several animations?

Answer: Yes,  one image that was preordered as animation can support many different animations that can be ordered separately or as a bundle at the initial order.

IV. Giftcard

A. Is there a discount on buying a large amount of gift certificates?

Answer:  Promotions are available from time to time

B. How can I use my Giftcard?

 Answer: there are two ways:

1. At the Operator’s booth.

2. Online - On purchase order window choose Promotions &Vouchers tab. At  the bottom of the page you can find a giftcard code field, type the code and   submit . in the gift card value will appear and be deducted from the total of the shopping cart.

V. Printuro (Sculpture):

A. Is there an option to order a 3D sculpture of an existing Virtual   image?

Answer: Yes, at purchase order page look for printuro tab, select size and on the drop down select  “Choose from gallery” .  If the virtual image does not meet  3D print conditions, you will receive an invitation to our Booth to create a new Virtual Image. (virtual image free of charge). The price of the image will be determined according to the size you chose and number of people in the image.

B. What is the estimated time to receive the sculpture?

Answer: Up to 14 business days from the later day between scanning and ordering.

C. Any tips to preserve the sculpture? 

Answer: Keep on a flat and stable shelf and away from kids, clean with soft brush, avoid direct sun and moister.

VI. 3D Player (3D Viewer)

A. How can I change the background color/picture ?

Answer: open the image and click the edit button. Choose the background tab (unlimited times) and select the preferred one.

B. Can I edit my Virtual images orientation? 

Answer: Yes. You can change rotation axis, and position of your image and to reset to the origin

VII. Branches and hours of operation:

Location:  19 Kehilat New-York St., Tel-Aviv 

Please Contact customer service to make an appointment .

Support : 

Costumer service :  +972-77-315-0207   , Sunday – Tuesday 10:00-16:00